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VESSEL, 2012

Interactive Installation - Mixed Media

Lei Gallery, Taichung, Taiwan



The creation:recreation of a Masters thesis paper represented as a ball of “yarn” – ready to be read and 



Having recently completed my MFA, I wrote a thesis entitled, “Exploring the In-Between”. This lengthy 

paper deals with the ideas and conflicts of working at the intersection of art & design. 


For this exhibition I have printed my entire Masters thesis onto thin strips of paper, which have then been sewn together to form one long “thread”, rolled up into a giant ball. The resulting product is my thesis in the shape and form of a ball of yarn. Yarn on its own is almost useless – just like a word or a series of words thrown together, out of order, out of context. We decide to formulate words into sentences and create structures so that we can create meaning through the assembly of words and phrases. With a ball of yarn, there is no real start or finish. For example, if I were knitting a sweater, I could unwind half the ball and start knitting with the middle pieces, and then attach more yarn when I run out and so on. This is basically what happens when I read. I open a book and read a few lines and I am instantly taken into another world full of new ideas. Often I can take one sentence out of one particular book and place it in a completely different context, and this is what makes everything so interesting. 


Research tells us that life is made up of carbon and liquid water. Carbon can take on many shapes and forms when it collides with other carbon molecules. 


In this interactive sculpture, visitors are encouraged to un-wind the “ball of text” and interpret the “thesis” in any way, shape or form they desire. Perhaps one wants to create new spaces, new sculptures...


The creation; the recreation. A ball of yarn is made as a material. It is meant to be re-purposed in any way we desire. 


A text is just a sprawl of words in a certain order. We translate this as an idea, as a content.

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